Do you bring me food every week? Thank you!!


Being a servant of the Lord doesn’t have an age requirement; it requires only a willing heart and faith in His provision.

“This all started when my school's choir was planning a trip to New York. I figured it would be smart to bring along some spending money, so I tried to earn money anywhere I could. Then I received a total of $50 in birthday money, and I decided I had enough for New York, so I would put the birthday money towards Hand2Hand. I believe that God was answering the prayers of others when I made this decision. I babysat, collected pop cans and spent a few hours working at the company that my mom works for. The company even offered to double my money, and they doubled what I earned for working. I took everything that I'd earned and went shopping. I ended up leaving that store with three carts full of groceries and $20 left over. I figured that I should use the $20 to do another run. I continued to babysit and collect pop cans, and this time, some people gave me some money here and there. I had enough to donate another overflowing cart. After telling my testimony in front of the church, more people came up to me and gave me money. I still babysat and did chores and worked at my mom's company. The company offered to double my money again. After that run, I was able to donate two more carts full of groceries. I am currently planning another small run to do in the near future. I have learned firsthand that if you're doing something to help God's people, then He will make a way and multiply your efforts. And I will continue to donate for as long as I am called to.” – Hailey Gould, 14

1 Timothy 4:12 – “Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”


I remember the first day I began getting my hand2hand food. It was on my birthday and I thought someone was leaving me a birthday present. I told my teacher that someone left me the best present ever in my locker!! But then my teacher told me I was going to get the food EVERY Friday!! A present of food every week is awesome!