Our church loves being a part of Hand2Hand because it blesses children who live in our own neighborhood!

A Hand2Hand church partner coordinator

It was the second Thursday of the month and Michael was so excited he could hardly wait to get to sleep because tomorrow was Friday. The second Friday meant his dad would be picking him up from school for the weekend – they would spend the whole weekend together! Michael’s bag sat packed by the door.Last week he and his mentor, Mr. Tom, had played a round of UNO, then worked really hard on spelling. Michael couldn’t wait to show his good grade to his dad. Just before bedtime, the phone rang. Michael picked up. “Hey Buddy,” said Michael’s dad... “I have some bad news. You know I’ve been looking for work for a while now and money is tight. Well, I have no money for food so I can’t have you over this weekend. I’m really sorry son. ” Michael was devastated, but an idea came to him in a flash! There was another reason he loved going to school on Fridays – it was Hand2Hand backpack delivery day. “Dad, it’s OK. Really. I can still come over! The church, you know the white one on the corner, they put a backpack of food in my locker every Friday. I can share my food with you!”

“I remember this day well, said Michael’s mentor, Mr. Tom. “My heart broke for Michael as he excitedly shared this story, and I thought about all the other children and their families who don’t have enough food. There is a free breakfast and lunch program at school during the week, but the weekends are a problem. A few years ago, our church heard how many children in our community struggle to get enough to eat, and we decided to get involved with Hand2Hand.”

Tom DeVries, General Secretary of the Reformed Church of America and volunteer mentor of student receiving Hand2Hand


I love being a part of Hand2Hand and helping the kids. I have had adults tell me they wish Hand2Hand had been around when they were kids.


We had a table to promote Hand2Hand during parent/teacher conferences. We gave out healthy snacks and some candy to the kids. A little boy came up and was just standing there, real quiet. We asked if he received Hand2Hand and he said, ‘that’s why I'm here, I just wanted to say thanks.’ What a blessing!


This ministry has created an awareness in us as to the need in our own community, which we didn’t realize before. Thanks for starting it in this area!!


One day Dylan’s bag had not yet been delivered. Although we typically deliver before school starts, this particular Friday was different. He was thrilled that afternoon when he saw that his bag had been delivered and he ran into the classroom shouting, ‘My bag IS here!’


Our students are very happy to be receiving food each week. Their teachers say their faces light up when they come in and see their bags in the morning.